Virgin Olive Oil: Indicative of natural product obtained from the first pressing of olives by mechanical methods that do not alter their natural composition and therefore retain all the vitamins and nutritional content of the olive oil.

Extra Olive Oil: With excellent quality characteristics

Fruity olive oil: Indicative of the quality and intensity of taste and aromatic components. Communicates its aromatic and flavor properties to food.


Fragant: Strong smell, pleasant feeling of cleanliness and perfume with nuances particular to the production area, derived from the Arbequina olive variety of very old tradition in these counties.

Balanced: Well built with all its tasting properties widely distributed.

Round: Complete oil, without any defect, with body and persistent tasting sensations.

Physical-chemical :
  • AcidityUp to 0,5°
  • Índex of peroxidesMaximum 15
  • K 270Maximum 0,15
  • HumidityUp to 0,1%
  • ImpuritiesUp to 0,1%